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Although there are more, these are groups that relate to me and generally relate to others.

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Different events shape my identity. For these reasons, this Digital Culture Project will focus on, among other things, what ethnography is and its relationship to various media as well as self-ethnography and realizing its importance when conducting ethnographic research. Additionally, my personal social identity will be examined and reflected upon. First and foremost, an understanding must be had.

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My Identity What is identity? Identity, to me is like a core of an individual or their inner story, which can neither be seen nor stated at once because it does not lie on the surface.

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Culture identity is often defined as the feeling of belonging to a group, which. For my identity project, rather than being creative by tying my identity to something symbolic or creating an extended metaphor, I realized the best route for me was to write a paper. I tried to think of some way to make this creative, but I realized that the best way to do this. Consumption online is unique in that the items we purchase, the items we view and do not purchase, and our purchasing habits are all compiled as data. Our identities as online shoppers are summarized by not only the purchases we make online, but everything else we consume on the internet.

Browsers store internet history and calculate what we are likely to consume next.

This data is a form of identity that we have complete. Reductionist View of personal identity. Parfit is aware that his view of personal identity is contrary to what. Some factors may have more of an influence than others and some may not have any influence at all. As a person grows up in a family, they are influenced by many aspects of their life.

Personal interests are what truly set individuals apart. An individual is not a puppet …show more content…. Society has had a limited impact on my lifestyle, mostly because I despise trends. I chose to steer away from that crowd, but it may also be because I live my life off of adrenaline.

Native American Identity Essay

My high on life is the energy I have when I get my blood pumping, my heart pounding, and my adrenaline raging. Most aspects of my individuality reflect that very well. I love hard, aggressive music, and also guns, but my passion in life is extreme sports, whether it be on a dirt bike, a bmx bike, a snowmobile, or a snowboard. I have a strong set of morals and ethics that I have partly adopted from my parents, but some are also partly my own.

Was my total invisibility preferable to a targeted insult? During the flight, each time he removed or replaced something in his case overhead, he looked over at me. I tried to imagine what my presence was doing to him. On some level, I thought, I must have dirtied up his narrative of white privilege securing white spaces.

Racial profiling becomes another sanctioned method of segregating space. Harris goes on to explain how much white people rely on these benefits, so much so that their expectations inform the interpretations of our laws. Or voter-registration laws in certain states can function as de facto Jim Crow laws. On the plane, I wanted to enact a new narrative that included the whiteness of the man who had stepped in front of me. I felt his whiteness should be a component of what we both understood about him, even as his whiteness would not be the entirety of who he is.

His unconscious understanding of whiteness meant the space I inhabited should have been only his. The old script would have left his whiteness unacknowledged in my consideration of his slight.

The Psychology of Home: Why Where You Live Means So Much

But a rude man and a rude white man have different presumptions. Just as when a white person confronted by an actual black human being needs to negotiate stereotypes of blackness so that he can arrive at the person standing before him, I hoped to give the man the same courtesy but in the reverse. Seeing his whiteness meant I understood my presence as an unexpected demotion for him. It was too bad if he felt that way.

I hoped to find a way to have this conversation.

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Nonetheless, the phrase has stuck. McIntosh listed 46 ways white privilege is enacted. My students and I also studied the work of the white documentary filmmaker Whitney Dow. He filmed more than a hundred of their oral histories. I asked Dow what he learned in his conversations with white men.

The individual actor on the grand stage always had the support of a genocidal government, but this is not the narrative we grew up with. How many people know that? The slaves that were brought to America were sold to the white man by blacks. Full comprehension would include the understanding that white privilege comes with expectations of protection and preferences no matter where he lives in the country. How angry could I be at the white man on the plane, the one who glanced at me each time he stood up the way you look at a stone you had tripped on?

"Us" versus "Them"

My own socialization had, in many ways, prepared me for him. I was waiting in another line for access to another plane in another city as another group of white men approached. When they realized they would have to get behind a dozen or so people already in line, they simply formed their own line next to us. He wished me a good flight. We had shared something. I found the suited men who refused to fall in line exhilarating and amusing as well as obnoxious. Watching them was like watching a spontaneous play about white male privilege in one act. I appreciated the drama.

One or two of them chuckled at their own audacity. The gate agent did an interesting sort of check-in by merging the newly formed line with the actual line. The people in my line, almost all white and male themselves, were in turn quizzical and accepting. After I watched this scene play out, I filed it away to use as an example in my class. How would my students read this moment? Some would no doubt be enraged by the white female gate agent who let it happen.

How to write a good essay: Paraphrasing the question

I would ask why it was easier to be angry with her than with the group of men. Based on past classes, I could assume the white male students would be quick to distance themselves from the men at the gate; white solidarity has no place in a class that sets out to make visible the default positions of whiteness. As the professor, I felt this was a narrative that could help me gauge the level of recognition of white privilege in the class, because other white people were also inconvenienced by the actions of this group of men.

Some students, though, would want to see the moment as gendered, not racialized. I would ask them if they could imagine a group of black men pulling off this action without the white men in my line responding or the gate agent questioning the men even if they were within their rights. Just do it, I told myself. Just ask a random white guy how he feels about his privilege.

On my next flight, I came close. I was a black woman in the company of mostly white men, in seats that allowed for both proximity and separate spaces.

My Personal Identity Essay - Words | Bartleby

The flight attendant brought drinks to everyone around me but repeatedly forgot my orange juice. Telling myself orange juice is sugar and she might be doing my post-cancer body a favor, I just nodded when she apologized for the second time. You have brought me two drinks in the time you have forgotten to bring her one. I thanked him. You are seated next to no one in this no place. Did he understand I was joking about white male privilege? The red crept up his neck into his cheeks, and he looked shy and pleased at the same time.