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Their names and practice locations are as follows.

The full accusations, made public by the medical board, may be viewed by clicking the links:. Michael S. Bruce M.

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Among the many "causes for discipline" detailed in these 11 new accusations: Prescribing controlled substances for family members with whom he did not have a patient-physician relationship Prescribing dangerous medications to an alcoholic without referring patient for alcoholism treatment Prescribing hydrocodone for an undercover police officer after a "perfunctory medical examination" Failing to appropriately sever the doctor-patient relationship Writing "illegible" notes Failing to order drug tests to ensure patient was not abusing other substances Prescribing ultimately lethal doses of fentanyl patch to a patient known to be taking benzodiazepines.

Details on the initial 12 physicians accused in the program were reported by MedPage Today in September.

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Gilman's case is especially notable: the medical board's accusation runs to 63 pages, including nearly six pages listing controlled substance prescriptions for a single patient, most of them prescribed by him. The document notes that two of his patients died of drug overdoses. Gilman was said to have failed to screen one of his patients for aberrant drug behavior and did not check the prescription drug database or coordinate prescriptions he wrote with care given by other prescribers.

As MedPage Today initially reported , the controversial project was launched 3 years ago. It starts with the board's review of death certificates from and listing overdose of a prescription drug as a cause. The state agency then cross-checks California's prescription drug database to identify which physicians prescribed controlled substances to those patients up to 3 years before their death. Investigations for those 2 years have so far targeted allopathic physicians, 12 osteopathic physicians and another 60 nurse practitioners and physician assistants for more detailed probe. In roughly half, the board has determined not to pursue charges, with the rest either pending or resulting in formal accusations.

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Many physician organizations expressed horror at the project's methods. They said it is unfair for the board to reach that far back, to prescriptions written before a patient overdosed in , because the extent of the opioid epidemic was far less well-known and state and federal guidelines had not yet been published.

Providers have generally curtailed their prescribing practices since. Consider ordering several certified copies at one time when filling out the application. You will likely need many copies for various tasks throughout the estate administration process. Complete the form, have it notarized, and mail the application along with a check to the California Office of Vital Records.

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Failing to do so could result in the Office of Vital Records denying your request and instead issuing you a Certificate of No Public Record. Each county has its own process for obtaining a death certificate. Pin It on Pinterest.