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Accidents involving impaired drivers claimed the lives of people in North Carolina in Yhe problem with having people submit to breathe testing twice a day or even twice a week is that most employers are not going to give people time off to do so. Police stations, and jails, where breathalyzer machines are placed are 24 hour facilities. You can go before and after work and be done. Even if your work day is 12 hours you can still manage that, as long as you can go to your local police station or sheriff station.

Most people get one, and then stop drinking and driving. We just need more sanctions on the repeat offenders. Companies such as SmartStart offer in-home remote alcohol testing. It could be set up to require a test at 6am and 6pm or whatever 12 hour interval suited the individual in order to avoid work conflicts. You go up to Level 3 or Level 4 and it is much more severe than that.

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Seth, you must enjoy paying taxes as much as you despise reality. So lets punish them severely, let them lose their job, hit them with fines and see where that gets us.

Grossly aggravating factors already do that, including first time offenders. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Posted on Aug. Christopher August 19, at pm. Mark August 19, at pm. Seth August 20, at am. There should be mandatory jail time for first time offenders. Lawyer August 25, at am. If it helps a family work through grief, it's good. If it helps young kids think about not drinking and driving, it's good. Teens in Gibbon, Nebraska to take breath tests before prom. Tuesday, March This is why parents and teachers there are taking action to make sure the upcoming senior prom isn't marred by alcohol.

Students will have to take breath tests before they are allowed attend the prom. The plan was finalized at a school board meeting last night. It's one that has majority approval from teachers, parents and the students. Dale Kruse, superintendent, said. But, I also think it might have an affect on the atmosphere at the prom. We get all dressed up to go to prom and then were made to take the breathalyzer test when we come in," Niki Nichols, student council president, sail.

More than 75 percent agreed to adopt the zero tolerance alcohol policy at the meeting. Parents will be called to come pick up their kids if they test positive for booze. We're doing this because we care and we want to prevent tragedies plus the roomers that go around. This way everyone knows for sure. This way, we as parents can't deal with things we don't know," Jeanie Engel, mother of a junior, said. Breathalyzers will also be used at a parent sponsored post-prom event as well.

Nichols says that most students feel the policy is a good idea, although she wishes they had more input into the decision. But, she knows the adults just want to prevent a repeat of recent problems. Also, we've already had an accident that involved kids drinking and driving. We were lucky that no one was killed or seriously injured. We just want to prevent that from happening," she said.

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I mean people come to prom drunk and then they don't remember what happens at prom, where others remember the stupid things that they did," Dawna Nichols, senior, said. If a student's date tests positive for alcohol and the student does not, neither students will be allowed into the prom. Drunk Drivers on Death Row? According to court documents, on Sept.

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Jones then allegedly fled the scene at high speed, drove on the wrong side of the road and hit the car carrying the students. Two young women died in the crash - Maia Witzl and Julie Hansen, both 19 - and four others were injured, three seriously. Prosecutors charged Jones with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and two counts of first-degree murder.

The "deadly weapon" was Jones' car. The case was prosecuted under the state's felony murder rule, which mandates that if you commit a felony using a deadly weapon and somebody dies, you can be convicted of first-degree murder and eligible for the death penalty. Because the killings occurred during the felonies - the assaults with a deadly weapon - the felony murder rule should apply, the state argues.

But Jones' lawyer, David Freedman, argues that since Jones had no intention of killing his victims, the felony murder rule should not apply to him.

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The state argues that intent was established by Jones' purposefully reckless and criminally negligent actions. Punishment for homicides resulting from drunken driving has grown more severe over the last two decades. North Carolina prosecutors say the shift represents a growing public disgust with drunken driving.

But worse, Freedman says, if the conviction is upheld, the felony murder rule could be applied to any motorist who intentionally violates a safety standard and unintentionally kills in the process. Regardless of the state Supreme Court's decision, the legislature could rework the law. Freedman says that if he loses this round, he could appeal to the U. Supreme Court, but thinks the high court won't likely agree to hear such a case until an impaired motorist is sentenced to death. If Jones does lose this appeal, Freedman says, it is only a matter of time before a drunken driver lands on death row.

Peta kills beer buzz. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals unveiled the campaign on college campuses this week. The Norfolk-based group contends that milk cows and their calves suffer on factory farms and that the fat and cholesterol in milk make drinking beer look good by comparison. Patrick's Day is upon us, we hope we helped save lives and prevented injuries due to underage drinking and impaired driving by speaking out against the campaign," MADD spokeswoman Teresa Hardt said. The animal rights group now plans an ad showing a calf modeled after the pictures of missing children on milk cartons.

The "Got Beer? Nutritionists said PETA's health comparison between beer and milk was oversimplified, because milk contains many nutrients and nonfat milk eliminates the drawbacks of whole milk. A bill that would impose the 0. But supporters of the legislation said they are confident the Senate will pass the bill this time and that Gov.

Paul Patton will sign it into law. They want their highways to be safe.

Williams' predecessor as Senate president, Larry Saunders, was blamed for killing similar legislation in during the session. Now, however, he also intends to vote for the bill. Saunders, D-Louisville, said he had been skeptical about whether a person's driving skills were impaired at 0.

But he said Mothers Against Drunk Driving has shown him research that convinced him that impairment does occur at 0. The House passed the bill last week The bill's primary sponsor, Rep. Rob Wilkey, D- Franklin, said he expects Gov. Patton to sign the legislation into law if it is approved in the Senate, as expected. Lowering the standard to 0. The bill also would make it a crime for anyone to possess an open alcoholic-beverage container inside a vehicle and would toughen punishment for the most serious DUI offenders.

Mandatory jail time would be created for ''aggravating circumstances'' that heighten a drunken driver's public risk. Those circumstances include: driving in the wrong direction on an interstate or parkway, going at least 30 mph over the speed limit, having a blood-alcohol level of 0. The required jail time in such instances would range from four days for a first-time offender to days for a third-time violator. Also under the bill, first-time DUI offenders could have their licenses revoked for 30 to days.

For a second offense, the revocation could last from 12 to 18 months, and for third-time offenders it could be 24 to 36 months.

DWI and the Fourth Amendment

People caught driving on a revoked or suspended license stemming from a DUI offense would face tougher punishment, including possible jail time. The Senate Judiciary Committee made a minor change to another provision that had generated the most discussion. The original proposal allowed authorities to confiscate the license plates of people with two or more drunken-driving convictions.

The Senate committee gave judges the option of seizing the license plates of repeat offenders or having ignition-lock devices placed in their vehicles. The lock devices serve as a sobriety test. If a person's blood-alcohol concentration exceeds a certain level, the vehicle would not start. The committee also decided to prohibit DUI violators from regaining their driving privileges before finishing an alcohol-treatment program.

Those programs would have to be completed within 90 days. The changes mean the bill will have to go back to the House after it passes the Senate.

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But Wilkey said he believes the House will be willing to accept the amendments. Both Williams and Saunders credited a shift in attitudes as the reason that the bill is getting a better reception this year.

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Two years ago, the bill died without ever being brought to a vote on the Senate floor. Restaurants and other opponents argued that lowering the legal blood-alcohol level to 0.