How to look at friends on myspace

Just focus on making your profile simple, but cool. Read the following steps to see how you can improve on your Myspace. To create this article, 19 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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Author Info Updated: April 4, Learn more Change your name to something short and cool. Or choose a short, sweet nickname used in your early childhood. It's best if this name is spelt out all in lower-case and followed by a full stop. Name generators are great way to figure out a great name.

What's New on Myspace

Get rid of whatever glitzy, flashing Myspace layout you had before. Just go back to the original, plain Facebook-like one you're given to start with.

Or just get a very simple Myspace layout with a cool design or a nice color. Delete the lengthy About-Me. Chances are it's full of cringe worthy lines such as 'I don't care what anyone thinks about me' or 'I live life each day as it comes'. But a no one cares and b you're much better off without it. Try to write something that is less stereotypical, like what are you going to college for or what you do in your spare time. Writing something like "I like hanging with my friends, texting, boys, and going to the mall" means tramp.

How to Use MySpace to Find Friends

Replace your old 'About-Me' with a short, amusing quote in quotation marks. Now this could also go horribly wrong. No blonde jokes, or in fact any jokes at all. Perhaps something funny a friend said once.

How To See Your Friend's Friends on Myspace

He was the removed as a default friend on Myspace in , and instead he was replaced by the Today On Myspace profile. Since leaving the company Tom had initially joined RocketFrog Interactive to work as an adviser, but later left. Over the last five years he has kept a quiet profile with very few updates on his other social media accounts or his website since All signs seem to suggest that he has now retired from working online and he has instead focused on his other interests and hobbies.

It's called The Hills , look it up. Then that traitorous snake Ray-J rounds off her top four.

Why can't see my, or other people's pictures on myspace?

It was fucking brutal, having to arrange your friends just so. Of course, the ultimate power trip was knowing you were in someone's Top 8 but they weren't in yours.

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It was even better than logging on and seeing this:. And oh my god, the power you weld is that the past tense of wield? Katie kind of side-eyed you in the caf today — fuck that bitch, she's getting kicked down to 3.

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I feel like picking your bridesmaids is like the adult version of MySpace top 8. One of the worst faux pas, though, was having a celebrity in your Top 8. It was like admitting you didn't have enough friends to fill up a standard mid-sized car.