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Job Seekers Advance your education career. It's free. With SchoolSpring, access: Career document management tools. Centralized job search aggregation. Email alerts. Comprehensive applications. Find a Job Free Sign Up. Employers Increase your reach and widen your applicant pool. Search for candidates from our national pool. Distribute your openings to Indeed, Monster, Teach. Automatic email alerts sent to interested job seekers. Without prior overseas experience and references, penetrating this market may be a challenge.

Where to find them? Are there any special requirements? How do I know if it is a reliable school? The more you research all the different options, the more confusing the decision gets.

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Until, one day, you decide to give it a break and go overseas to look for greener pastures. Lots of potentially good candidates are grounded before they even get the recruitment process going. Meanwhile, our members report multiple job offers. What is the secret? Why do the schools love our candidates? The principle is simple: If you want to be successful, find someone who achieved the results you want and copy what they do, and you'll achieve the same results! The good news is that we have a lot of resources at your disposal.

In fact, everything you need to land your international teaching job is right here! We usually recommend that you allow yourself a year to plan and execute your move. Your actual recruitment is usually quick, but you still need time to research, apply and follow up. Note that many countries require background checks and health clearances. They take time. And it will take even more time if your paperwork has some initial errors. In other words, it is never too early to begin. Unfortunately, some people try to save a few bucks on what should be essential research.

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Many times it ends up badly. Here's a parent trying to get help from us:. They were literally driven 3 hours away from the airport and "dumped". The provided room and board are horrid. No mattress so they can't sleep! They have no phone, no contact numbers, there absolutely no English to be found. All I know it was through the internet they found this. Please help! Applying to a wide range of schools is a safe method to probe the market while keeping your current employment secure. You may have several offers to evaluate.

At any moment, you can withdraw your application without any consequences. However, there's a point when you have to make a decision.

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This moment is when you sign a contract. Once a contract is signed, your job search is over. You are expected to report to your new school and country, as specified in your contract. Failing to do so may have serious consequences for your future applications. The only way to test the waters is to apply.

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We have a lot of feedback to prove that the system is working. As long as you are reasonably qualified and flexible about locations.

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Follow our guidelines and you'll be recruited. Pamela Campbell, Hong Kong:. In essence, your success or failure depends on a few factors. Unfortunately, your teaching ability is not the most important one. Over the years, we have seen many brilliant teachers who were not very successful in finding positions that matched their potential.

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This discrepancy led us to the conclusion:. And you are looking for free "help wanted" ads? Yes, there are excellent opportunities all over the world.


However, they don't go into free email newsletters. Many reputable schools do not advertise their vacancies at all.

You need to work a bit harder! The truth is that there's much competition. Some of it is unfair. As the saying goes, "Fight fair, but avoid fair fights. If you are new to the international market, you are facing some well-connected and experienced competitors.

Education jobs

To contend against them, you are going to need some guerrilla methods. If you would like to utilize our experience as a testament to your service, we will gladly speak in support of joyjobs. You guys do a phenomenal job. I joined joyjobs mid last year and was able to get several job offers almost immediately after making inquiries Words cannot express my gratitude for your service.

Please know that I really appreciate what you guys do. You have exceeded my expectation. I was a member of joyjobs in I went to a recruiting fair in San Francisco using all the things you taught me. I was hired to teach in Istanbul, Turkey. I loved the experience. I was there two years. I am ready to do it again! My husband has accepted a position at the International School of Aberdeen, Scotland, our first choice! Your website was absolutely invaluable. We ended up with 11 possible interviews, we kindly turned down 6 and of the 5 we attended, we had 3 job offers! We were thrilled. We would not have had the success we did without Joyjobs!

I have been considering acknowledging you in one of my books. That is my small way of honoring people that do great works for humanity that the big shots may never consider worth giving an award.