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Our recommendations improve in real-time as you answer more questions. Finish the short assessment in one sitting, or log back in at any time and get results at your own pace.

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Get your top career matches for free. Sort and filter careers based on what's important to you. Dive deep into the characteristics of different careers and their workplaces and find your ideal match.

Go beyond career matching and get insight into yourself and what truly matters to you. Our detailed reports help you determine what really matters to you.

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See all of your traits in one place, and how you score relative to other people on CareerExplorer. An insightful written-word report, looking at your strengths, weaknesses, and styles. Trusted by millions Leading global organizations choose CareerExplorer to power their career platforms.

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It was really convenient; not all that time consuming. Also, the results were so accurate to what I believe I'm interested in.

Get to Know the 5 Most Popular Pre-Employment Personality Tests

Also, easy to use. I'm going to university next year and I was really struggling with what to choose, CareerExplorer really helped. Definitely great feedback about my careers choice.

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This made me second guess what I want to major in! Thank you!!!

8 Best Career Assessment and Personality Tests to Help You Find the Right Job

Besides thinking or feeling, there are 3 other areas to measure; your intuition or sensing how we process information and what it means to us , being extraverted or intraverted, and if we are judging or percieving. This gives us 16 personality combinations, and what ever one you fit into will give an interesting insight with respect to career prospects.

The most common personality test in the world today is the Briggs Meyer personality test which was developed in , although the various personality types where first published in Our test is simple, quick and accurate with only one page of mulitple choice questions. You can read more about the personalty types from this page.

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Career Test While everyone in this world is unique and different we do all process information in various ways that can be measured. Use google now to search for more tests!