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Segerblom and others point out that at the time many offenders pleaded guilty to a crime, they would not have known that later on, they would be subject to lifetime registration. He also has concerns that offenders will have no incentive to stay on the straight and narrow. A Lynn University sex crimes researcher found the public perception is that 75 percent of sex offenders will commit another sex crime; another study found that less than one-quarter of sex offenders re-offend within 15 years. Court battles to nullify the law have been going for a decade. In , the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the state in a lawsuit from the ACLU, saying it was constitutional to retroactively apply sex offender registration rules back to crimes committed in Attorneys are continuing to fight against the law in state court.

We had many obviously panicked people as we did briefly go live, and we had a mad rush to take the website down and revert back. This spring, the Nevada Supreme Court dissolved that stay , clearing the way for the site to go live again on Oct. The Nevada Supreme Court dissolved the stays because the underlying legal issues had not been sussed out; lawyers including Shell are now in the process of discovery in their case Does vs. The matter is also expected to come up again before lawmakers.

But Segerblom — who is running for a seat on the Clark County Commission and may not be in the Legislature next year — has submitted a bill draft request to repeal the act in the session. Shell acknowledges that sex offenders are an unsympathetic group, even as she fights a law that she believes goes beyond the scope of regulating offenders and into the realm of imposing a new punishment on them beyond their original sentence.

For now, local police agencies are preparing for more work.


All sex offenders in Clark County now must register in person at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department headquarters in downtown Las Vegas, even if they live in far-flung areas of the county. People can submit reports of minor accidents online rather than coming into the office, for example. Your right, I was on the registry for 18 yrs on tier 1, I petition the court in , I had to take a psycho-sexual evaluation which stated I was not a threat to re offend so I was release from my duty to register I just called the The Offender Registry and talked to a case worker I was told that I was fine it would not go back on me.

Might of spoke to soon. Do you have any new news on that front?

Petition to remove your name from the Nevada sex offender registry

I was convicted before the enactment of the AWA so this would benefit me and likely many of us. Where are you seeing that there may be a possible last minute challenge on this issue? Any insight is helpful. Some of us, like myself, watch this thread like a hawk for any updates regarding changes in Nevada. Maybe leave that for general comments.

Guess I was feeling a tad snippy earlier, sorry. I received a letter in the mail and it said that the new law took me from a tier 2 to tier 3. I lived in Nevada since no trouble here either,now they moved me to tier 3 from tier 1 seems like a move is in my future. Here in the Us, the laws are so crooked, they can wait 10 years from now and make up a new law WE have to follow then claim it isnt punishment.

The public doesnt question if its constitutional or not they either say it serves us right, or we should me shot. My wife and I talk about moving out of the country and Once my oldest three have graduated and gone off to college, we just may have to do it if things dont change. My father was killed in cold blood when I was a child and the murderer has been out for years and is NOT on any type of registry, which is pretty crazy considering he killed someone. It reads like a scifi movie….. So true! There is at least one, maybe several states I could move to right now where I would not be required to register.

But one act of the state legislature can turn that around. This is why I always say that we can never be free until sex offender registration is properly recognized as unconstitutional.

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It just feels like their is something that can be done just question is what exactly?!? Punishment after punishment is just beyond words right now regarding a 25yr old conviction. Hell back then no one knew what would come to haunt you later in life while just trying to be a member of society and live your life. The actual people who were registering me here in vegas told me that. I pressed registration since it said I had to do it by the 1st of October and I had just received a new license plate so I needed to do it anyway. These people will have cops knocking on your door is you follow their opinion…….

This has my anxiety through the roof. This AB bs raised me to tier 2. This is awful. His conviction is over 20 years ago. His tier level will change to a 3 now. This is completely unacceptable. He has always done everything by the book. We are scared. We think everything is hunky dory because we did our part…..

They later dropped everything because they had the paperwork the entire time…. Or move to a more reasonable state. But as it stands now everyone else affected will go live Oct 1. So pretty much theres nothing we can do.

Nevada Offender Registration

Were just in jepordy of losing everything. With no hope. This is terrible. How can they do this to people?! I woke up this morning feeling so sad. Like its the last day for my happy family. Like everything my fiancee has worked so hard for is now going to end. Im going to try to get him in to see McLetchie but i just feel so hopeless. Im so worried were gonna lose everything. We have worked so hard and my fiancee is such a good man.

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The only thing they have on him is that he messed up on probation and had no choice but to take a guilty plea deal. He never touched anyone. This is just so unfair and so defeating. My son deserves to habe his father around and not have to worry. We were doing fine with him as a tier 1. He was able to live his life. Now we live in fear. FEELING SAD I know how your feel,my conviction came in I did my parole clean ,ended in my mistake was to move to neveda, I lost a good job in the casino due to the law that was passed in , I have not been in trouble since It all seems so pointless now though.

I have to stand by him. I know he is a good man and he is a great father to his child. He doesnt deserve this.

An Overview of Sex Offender Treatment

None of you do. This is unconstitutional. I fear for all of us involved in this. My fiancee told me from the start everything he was going through. My family is everything to me and this is unfair and cruel and i will do whatever i can to help him. This fight has gone on for years now here but it just feels to me there has to be something we can do to fight on this.

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Does anyone feel the same? Contact McLetchie regarding a bigger lawsuit to be filed then with just the 17 cases she already is fighting on?? A bigger army can fight better then a small one. This registry deal will not and can not prevent anyone on it from reoffending if they choose to do so……. If one wants to they will……sadly of course!!!! These laws will never stop those out there that continue to make bad choices that inturn effects everyone else not like them.

We need to come together some how some way and make a change!!!! Well i definitely will be fighting any way i can. I think we all should. Cause this is just awful. McLetchie wants just to talk to him but im going to do whatever we can to come up with the money!!! This is cruel punishment for people who have done everything they needed to do and have lived great lives. It is not that people take plea deals!