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Read on and we'll explain all. To kick off the search for these GTA Online action figures, you should receive an email from the Hardcore Comic Store, which reads as follows:.

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Anyway can u plz find them for me? If u do I'll hook u up with the good shit. As you can see in the screen above, the GTA Online action figures are pretty easy to spot once you're in the right location, and they also glow to help highlight where they are. There are various different characters to find, including Impotent Rage and Princess Robot Bubblegum, and each responds with an appropriate soundbite once picked up by walking into them. So now you know what you're looking for, it's time to get out there and start collecting. You may be looking at the task of finding all GTA Online action figures, and wondering what the point of doing it all is, which is fair considering the scope of the search.

Well, not only will you earn a sizeable chunk of RP and cash by tracking them down , but once you have the complete set you can head to the Hardcore Comic Store to pick up a reward that money can't buy — a complete Impotent Rage superhero outfit, with matching Impotent Rage hair cut!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

You'll also unlock the following eight decorations to place on shelves in your Penthouse suite:. The above map shows the locations for all GTA Online action figures, which you should definitely click on to expand and perhaps download a copy of so you can mark off the collectibles as you go.

Nov 6, glenster. Dec 13, Gamestar.

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Jan 19, Krunal. Nov 25, Krunal. Nov 15, Gamestar. Nov 22, Krunal. Dec 1, Krunal. May 28, Braden.

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May 11, YuGiOhFm Dec 20, GoodGamerGuy. Snapshot Directional Guide PS2. Jan 4, YuGiOhFm Oyster Directional Guide PS2. Nov 25, YuGiOhFm May 2, The Duff Man. Jul 22, YuGiOhFm Horseshoe Directional Guide PS2. Dec 18, Krunal. Nov 20, Krunal. Mission 2 - Ryder. Mission 3 - Tagging up Turf. Mission 4 - Cleaning the Hood. Mission 5 - Drive-thru. Mission 6 - Nines and AK's. Mission 7 - Drive-By. Mission 8 - Sweet's Girl. Mission 9 - Cesar Vialpando.

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Map Gta San Andreas Graffiti Anywhere Mod

Mission 10 - Home Invasion. Mission 11 - Catalyst. Mission 12 - Robbing Uncle Sam. Mission 13 - OG Loc. Mission 14 - Running Dog. Mission 15 - Wrong Side of the Tracks. Mission 16 - Just Business. Mission 17 - Life's a Beach. Mission 18 - Madd Dogg's Rhymes. Mission 19 - Management Issues. Mission 20 - House Party. Mission 21 - Burning Desire.

Mission 22 - Gray Imports. Mission 23 - Doberman. Mission 24 - Los Sepulcros. Mission 25 - High Stakes, Low-rider. Mission 26 - Reuniting the Families. Mission 27 - The Green Sabre. Mission 28 - Badlands. Mission 30 - Body Harvest. Mission 31 - King in Exile. Mission 35 - Wu Zi Mu.

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Mission 36 - Farewell, my love Mission 37 - Are you going to San Fierro? Mission 38 - Wear Flowers in your Hair. Mission 40 - Deconstruction. Mission 41 - Photo Opportunity. Mission 42 - Jizzy [Introduction]. Mission 43 - Jizzy.

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Mission 44 - Air Raid. Mission 45 - Supply Lines Mission 46 - New Model Army. Mission 47 - T-Bone Mendez. Mission 48 - Mike Toreno. Mission 49 - Outrider.

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Mission 50 - Snail Trail. Mission 51 - Ice Cold Killa. Mission 52 - Back to School. Mission 53 - Pier Mission 54 - Toreno's Last Flight. Mission 55 - Mountain Cloud Boys. Mission 56 - Ran Fa Li. Mission 57 - Lure. Mission 58 - Amphibious Assault.

GTA Online Action Figures Map

Mission 59 - The Da Nang Thang. Mission 60 - Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. Mission 61 - Zeroing In. Mission 62 - Test Drive.